What is Bowen Therapy?

It’s Warren’s way of helping people with muscle & joint therapy treatments

Give the clinic a call today to know more about how Warren can help you get the most of specialised muscle relaxation and healing treatments.

My philosophy

I thought I’d introduce myself to you and briefly outline my muscle & joint therapy and how it might help you. My name is Warren. I’m a musculo skeletal therapist and Bowen practitioner operating from the Gardens Health Centre in Bank Street, Dunedin where I have worked for sixteen years.

In our day to day lives, we use our bodies in all sorts of ways which of course involves wear and tear with a few injuries. When we suffer from the associated aches and pains, we will usually try to ignore them and carry on. Perhaps we have a hot bath or take a pain killer hoping things settle down – and quite often they do – but not always. Unfortunately all this wear and tear creates ongoing damage in the muscles and nerves which, if left untreated long enough, may create other more serious conditions e.g. joint and back problems. It’s important that you understand my methodology, so I take the time to explain it to my patients before I provide them with treatment.

I specialise in locating and treating problems requiring muscle & joint therapy, as well as helping educate people on how to avoid re-occurrence of damaging issues. I have been a therapist for sixteen years and have a background as a former competitive power lifter, which has taught me a lot about the right and wrong way to use my body. Finally, I’d like to ask you, would you expect your car to run without regular maintenance? Well, your body is even more important. You can always buy a new car but you only get one body and it has to last a lifetime. Why not make a time to come and see me for an assessment and a W.O.F? Allow an hour for this and it will involve consultation, assessment and hassle-free treatment in Dunedin