We use traditional massage techniques to treat aches, sprains, and related conditions

I am trained in a highly specialised relaxing massage known as Bowen therapy, and many of my clients look to this treatment for having their bodies rejuvenated and treated with the best care possible.


I charge $95 for an initial consultation & treatment, ongoing treatments are $80 per session per hour. The initial session also includes a consultation and assessment. My pricing is very competitive for the quality that you receive from me as a professional with years of experience. When you come to my clinic in Dunedin, you get great service and comprehensive answers to any and all questions you might have. Call Bowen Therapy today to find out more!

Trusted expert

I place high value on trust when working on patients. I want them to know that I completely understand their issues, and will do everything possible to help contain the affected areas and treat them over time with appropriate treatments and applied pressure. I pride myself on being fully qualified and trained and helping the people of Dunedin one ache at a time. Feel free to call to arrange a consultation!

Bowen therapy

Bowen therapy is a specific targeted treatment involving fascial tissue in the body. It was developed by the great Tom Bowen about 30 years ago. Bowen therapy can help:

Sports injuries
Sprains and strains
Stress intention
Bowen therapy can also help new mothers for sleeping.

Headaches & Migraines
Jaw Problems
Joint injuries
Menstrual regularities and pain
Neck restrictions
Sciatic Pain
Sinus congestion

Arthritic symptoms
Back pain
Breast pain
Respiratory symptoms
Digestive disorders
Frozen shoulder